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How to Look Effortlessly Good on your Zoom Calls: Top 5 Tips


This time last year I had no idea what Zoom was. Now it seems to have almost taken control of my life. And with this comes a dilemma: I don't want to get ready as if I was actually going to a meeting because I'm not even leaving the house today. In fact, I might even go back to bed after this call (we've all done it.) So how do I look good on a Zoom call without spending forever getting ready? Here's our top 5 tips.


5. Natural Filters

We all have days when our skin won’t agree. A natural filter means that any lack of sleep or rough skin patches are disguised and they’ll never know your secret.  It will also boost self-confidence when the focus is on you.

To get a filter in Zoom all you have to do is go to the homepage before you join the meeting. Click the settings cog in the top right-hand corner and then click the video button. There you should be able to turn on the “touch up my appearance” button.


4. Soft lighting

Making sure you have lots of light is important, so when choosing a place to sit make sure it’s by a window. Avoid harsh direct light like lamps or light fixtures. The best option is natural light but if your are using an artificial lamp make sure it’s not causing unappealing shiny spots.


3. Simple background

Fancy backgrounds are tempting, I know. We’d all prefer to think we’re in San Francisco than a makeshift desk in the kitchen. But a simple background makes you stand out. The key thing is to make sure are that there are no clashing colours. Try a background with white, light grey or neutral tones. A good example would be a plain wall with a photo or clock. This makes your appearance simple but professional.


 2. Good camera angles

Angles angles angles. When trying to look your best on a Zoom call this is a golden rule. It’s important that your camera or webcam is at eye level or higher. If you don’t have a laptop stand then just grab some books and get those perfect angles because let’s face it, your boss probably doesn’t want to see your double chin on a Monday morning. Sorry.


1. Odysee Blue Light Glasses

There is no better way to accessorise on a Zoom call. Obviously, we would say that, right? But seriously, whether you’re looking for the perfect way to accessorise your outfit or just an excuse to wear a damn cute pair of glasses, Odysee blue light glasses are a must-have for WFH life.

They’re not just about looking good either. So many of us are now suffering from eyestrain and headaches due to increased screen time, and overexposure to blue light from our devices has been proven to have many negative effects on our health and our sleep. To learn more about screen glasses and the effects of blue light, take a look here.



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