Odysee Co-Founders Bruce and Oli laughing in Athena and Hermes Retro Blue Light Glasses

Where'd It All Start?

March 2020. Yup, we started a business during a pandemic…

Here’s the skinny: Two guys and some seriously bad headaches. With lockdown in full swing, we were spending way more time in front of screensand getting way less sleep. Bummer.

How do you keep your head and stay productive during a pandemic? We were struggling. Things were starting to get hairy. Then we found it. The holy grail. Blue light glasses.

The Simple Fix

We wanted to share with you the solution to our problems. We're good like that.

It's simple really. Less blue light = less headaches, better sleep and boosted productivity. Let's get ahead of the game.

We want you to go ape like we we did when we found them. In fact we're still goin' ape. Join us.

‘Imagine spending all day in front of screens without your eyes getting sore’

Our Mission

Sustainability is our thing. We've got some big ideas for a greener future and a more sustainable industry.

We have partnered up with One Tree Planted, an awesome reforestation organisation. Together, we're changing the world one tree at a time. Five trees a week, in fact.

We're all about minimising our waste, too. All of our packaging is now 100% sustainable.

We love a chat!

We're a friendly bunch and we'd love to hear from you!

How's your week been?

New dog? Show us.

Honestly, whatever it is, just drop us a message.