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Old School Glasses Chains

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Black Gold
  • Where did I put my specs? Oh yeah, they're round my neck!

    The perfect accessory for your Odysee specs. Never misplace them again.

    Flexible silicone grips adapt to fit any frame shape and style. Choose from sleek silver or classy black gold

    lightweight, slim design - you won't even notice you've got them on.

    flexible ends - adapt to any style of glasses frames

    Length: 76cm


Yeah, we like trees.

That's why we've partnered up with Onetreeplanted to plant a load more of them. We believe in a greener planet. Simple.

The Lenses

Odysee blue light glasses have a special coating designed for those who spend a lot of time in front of screens. For use with smartphones, TVs, laptops and tablets.

Our lenses block 100% of the Blue Light under 410nm and 35-40% of the Blue Light on the 410nm - 450nm spectrum. This ratio is enough to relieve symptoms of digital eyestrain AND ensures that our lenses are clear and stylish whilst offering great protection.